It’s a big world out there, and we’re at the crossroads of some significant changes. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this or that, so adding ours to the cacophony seems counterproductive to the general intent of becoming more contemplative about a world in which problems might be more easily solved by opening our minds and not only our mouths.

11twentytwo endeavors to give “voice” to a deeper integrity of our shared human experience. Through our own creative means, mostly photographic, and observations on art and everything in between of genuine interest, we hope to imbue this blog with a certain frequency that rises above the noise to attain a creative, even universal vibration, which we’ve found to occur most often at the numbers 11 and twenty-two.

Please join Barbara Ruffini and me on our assorted journeys around the world, and sometimes just around the corner… as we ride the vibration, cameras in hand.